The Wee Bit Bigger Scottish Hamper


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Bringing you a few extras from our classic Wee Beauty, the Wee Bit Bigger is a great choice of hamper for an individual looking to sample some savoury Scottish flavours.

You guessed it, the Venison Salami with Green Peppercorns from the Great Glen Charcuterie is in there. On top of that, we’ve added some of the best Smoked Salmon in the world from Sutherland’s of Portsoy. We’ve included a couple of options to serve your Salami and Smoked Salmon on – Rustic Oatcakes from Stag Bakeries in Stornoway, and some of their Water Biscuits too! Hard to beat, we’ve added some Tain Cheddar from Highland Fine Cheeses.

For something sweet, we’ve included Anderson’s honey and some delicious Scottish Butter Shortbread from Reids up in Caithness.

What’s in the box?

Anderson – Heather Honey 227g
Sutherland’s of Portsoy – Smoked Salmon 100g
Highland Fine Cheeses – Tain Cheddar 250g
Great Glen Charcuterie – Venison Salami with Green Peppercorns 90g
Stag Bakeries – Water Biscuits 150g
Stag Bakeries – Rustic Oatcakes 200g
Reids of Caithness – Butter Shortbread 150g


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